15 décembre 2013

Buying online, my last experience : FORD EXHAUST MANIFOLD...

A few words about my last experience.
One of the min points on my Kallista was the exhaust manifold. Year after year the iron cast broke inch by inch to arrive to the situation thant we can see on picture.
I 've used all the others 'online engines' on all the sites as Burton, Mustang, Ranger, Bobcat (!) with a lot of keywords as 'pinto manifold', 'ford exshaust', etc.... Also questionned a lot of forums...in US.
I 've even ordered a 'pinto exhaust manifod' from the other side of the channel. Also, not the good one !
And yesterday, by chance, I arrived on a page named DORMAN. I saw a item called 674-230.
Alleluia, I 've found it. I rush to order.
$130 + $54 (import costs) + $110 ( transport): $ 294 ! Puffffffffffffff ! I need.
No, no, don't order. Check on a other market place. these part is for sale on a lot of sites (incredible, i search sinds 2 years, Etienne are you so bad ?)
The other place is a big market place not specialised in car parts. A.........m.
150 € delivey included. Houa ! go go go. I ordered. It will arrive for Christmas.
Too fast, too fast Etienne.
Check on a other market place: e....y.
Oh no, disponible by 15 sellers. You did too fast.
I check the 3 best ones: $250, $320, $ 340 ! Yes, so much differences for just the same item.
Ouf, I took the good decision.
1/ If you need an exhaust manifold call me.
2/ You will wait approx. 2 years. :lol: 
3/ Buy online buy BUT take your time 

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