29 août 2015

GARY SPECIAL: Very Special Devin for sale in US

Une des 20 DEVIN produites qui a un logbook.
En vente pour le moment:
Ecoutons le propriétaire:

"....After the build, in 1957, The Gary Special was first raced in California by Don McQuilken and James Gary, who sponsored McQuilken.  The car competed in 5 events in 1957, and was shown at the 1957 Los Angeles Concours d'Elegance, but was soon sold to Don Shaw in Ontario, Canada, and raced in 10 events in 1959.  Two additional racing seasons at non-SCCA Harewood Acres were driven in 1960-61, then the car apparently passed through the hands of a few different race teams in Canada.  One of these was Albatross Racing, who converted the car to Buick power, using an aluminum block Buick/Rover 215 V-8, giving the car a tremendous power-to-weight advantage...."

Un bel achat en perspective...

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